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Started in 1992 and Incorporated in March of 1993, CAMACHO COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATIONS, d.b.a. CAMCO Solutions is a California based locally-owned business specializing in information technology and software engineering services, computing tools and communications services, both switched and private lines. Corporate ID Number 68 0297065; we are a California Corporation in good standing.

Computer Related Services: CAMCO Solutions is a CMAS State Contractor and a VAR for IBM, Compaq, 3Com and CISCO, among others. In partnership with Access Research, 3COM, Litton PRC and others CAMCO Solutions has provided Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Independent Verifications and Validation Services and Miscellaneous Services per MSA's and CMAS Contracts. We hold a "Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity", issued by the California Public Utilities Commission to provide Interexchange Long Distance (U5321C) and Intrastate Cellular (U4125C) Service in California. Camacho Communications Corporation is a SBA certified 8(a) Contractor, CALTRANS certified minority business (DBE)(CT020960)/Native American.

Camacho Communications Corporation's spectrum of information technology includes the provision of information technology services, LAN/WAN Network Services, long distance telecommunications network services; switched and private line communications; integration of voice, video and data; installation of premise equipment; premise distribution systems including housewire and campus facilities, copper and fiber; Main Frame data processing equipment; peripherals; NT, UNIX operating systems; LAN/WAN design and implementation.

Camacho Communications Corporation is on the State Of California DOIT (Department of Information Technology) Y2K approved vendor list for the following disciplines:

  • Embedded Chip
  • External Interfaces
  • Telecommunications
  • General Testing
  • Project Management

Julian Camacho is a former State of California Chief Executive, Industrial Engineer by training and marketing manager with ten years of experience at AT&T. Mr. Camacho is an AT&T graduate of the University of Telecommunications Excellence.

Camacho Communications Corporation is prepared to handle large complex projects; however, no job is too small for us. we provide local control and aggressive pricing through low overhead, minimal middle management organization and close customer relationships.

Customers Include

State and local government agencies, California State contractors, small to medium sized business and residential.

Recent Solutions developed for:
   State of California
   California State Department of Transportation
   California State Department of Health Services
   California State Department of Social Services
   U.S. Department of Justice
   San Francisco Police Department
   California Transportation Commission
   California Department of Corrections
   Sears Logistics
   Larry's Comfort Shoes

Significant Accomplishments

CAMCO is currently maintaining the Advanced Traffic Management Systems for the California Department Of Transportation.
Contact Person: Ahoura Vahedi, CALTRANS Professional Engineer (213)620-6100
Contact Person: Ramin Ghodsi, CALTRANS Professional Engineer (213)620-6102

Installed an enterprise-wide high-availability network (HAN) at the California Department of Transportation Laboratories. The HAN is characterized as a resilient, redundant, and manageable. The project included the provision of all cabling, patch panels, UPS, Switches and switch fabric gigabit fast Ethernet backbone Services.
Contact person: Suzanne Lewis, Communications Director, Translabs (916) 227-7072

Completed an exhaustive statewide analysis (District-by-District) of all Traffic Management Centers (TMC) to WAN connections. The report is a compilation of VISIO drawings of all ATM Switchgear, Routers, Hubs, Circuitry and Protocols used to move information onto the CALTRANS WAN.
Contact Person: Hamed Benouar, CALTRANS Traffic Operations Branch Chief (916) 654-2352

CALTRANS engaged Camco and COMPAQ (Digital Corp) to provide consultation and training on WinNT, Novell, UNIX, Hummingbird, CAD environment interoperability requirement. Consultation included assessment and documentation of CALTRANS CAD workstation network environment. CALTRANS UNIX environment is complemented with Desktop NY workstations. Camco and COMPAQ developed a standard site configuration throughout California. Training included Backup and NFS using UNIX, NT, Novell and Hummingbird software.
Contact Person: Michael Honnold, Chief Engineer, CALTRANS (916)227-2570

Completed a DOJ Headquarters Facilities Y2K contingency plan (Business Continuity Plan) identifying high risk operating facility and utilities requirements and proposed mitigation processes and activities with specific resolution and costing.
Contact Person: Cuong Nguyen, DOJ Information Systems Manager (916) 227-3045

As a CMAS Contractor, Camco has provided UNIX Server and workstations premise equipment and software requirements at CALTRANS. Supporting 1600 HP-UX CAD Workstations and related servers.
Contact Person: Gilbert Tafoya, Manager Information Systems and Service Center (916) 654-2225

Working with New Horizons, trained eleven hundred CALTRANS employees on Lotus Notes e-mail, calendars and scheduling. We also facilitated the training of CALTRANS' UNIX-Openview Network Management technical workforce.
Contact Person: Bill Brown, Manager ISSC (916)654-2225

Installed and programmed CISCO Routers on the AFIS21/NATMS Network for the Sheriff and San Francisco Police Department. Procured, integrated, and installed a COMPAQ NT-Ready Server and peripherals for the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers; installation and migration from MAC to PC environment is a major achievement for this department.
Contact Person: Dave Ford (916) 643-2090

Replaced aging workstations at the Peace Officers Standards and training Commission. The COMPAQ Workstations were integrated to satisfy LAN/WAN operating environment. In addition, Camco is working with the Commission to upgrade the security plan and operations of the firewall.
Contact Person: Mitch Coppin (916)227-4850

Successfully managed the installation and supported the largest Software Defined Network in state Government when the State Legislature switched from state-owned CALNET to their own SDN.